A Touch of Glass
Amy Potvin


Since 1983, I have been incorporating my visions into something beautiful and tangible - stained glass windows. Wandering into the art studio at North Central College, gazing upon cut pieces of glass laid out with purpose on a work bench, each shape, color, and texture carefully chosen, I was instantly captivated by the art of stained glass. From the design phase, to the building process, and finally marveling at the beauty of the uniquely designed stained glass window, I knew working with glass was going to be a life time passion.

My stained glass art and window designs are inspired by my outdoor surroundings. In nature, I see perfection and freedom. A Touch of Glass incorporates the natural rhythm, repeated patterns, and organic lines of nature. All my designs, whether custom, nature, geometric, or seasonal, express the beautiful elements of nature, inviting them into your home thru a window or a kitchen cabinet glass panel. You are invited to view my portfolio for inspiration.

I have had the honor of exhibiting and selling my windows as the Featured Artist of the Month at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinos. When I am not at an exhibit in the Chicagoland area, I am working closely with customers designing and building custom stained glass creations.



August 20 and 21st:
Morton Arboretum's Wine and Walk Art Show - 10am to 5pm.

Amy Potvin - A Touch of Glass